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Need an Appointment for Physical Therapy?

Many patients now prefer going directly to a physical therapist for persistent aches and pains before seeing their doctor. The therapist can provide an important evaluation that helps doctors determine the best course of treatment for their patient.

I Need Physical Therapy
Speed Recovery. Reduce Pain. Maximize Mobility.

What Can Physical Therapy Do For You?

At Benton Physical Therapy we practice a “hands on” approach to the practice of Physical Therapy and combine the manual therapies of stretching, strengthening, joint mobilization and myofascial release with the use of modalities to achieve the highest level of care possible.

Whether it is neck pain, back pain or muscle pain, any pain can be extremely debilitating and very difficult to live with. Neck pain is a real injury that can be hard to treat and difficult to heal.

The staff at Benton Physical Therapy works with a variety of people with different athletic backgrounds to improve their overall performance and skill, and assist them with successful recovery when sports-related injuries do happen. It is our aim to keep you healthy and on the playing field. It is our goal to work with you, whether your particular sport is recreational or if you play in front of 20,000 screaming fans. At Benton Physical Therapy, we will work with you and help create a program that is related directly to the specialized needs of your sport.

Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, the most common cause of non-fatal injuries, and the most common reason for hospital admission due to trauma in older adults.

Dizziness and balance disorders can affect individuals of all ages and significantly impact function and mobility. Many describe the sensation of dizziness or lack of balance, which can be symptoms of change in the vestibular system. If untreated, balance disorders can lead to injurious falls.

At Benton Physical Therapy, we can help reduce your ergonomic risk factors by analyzing the postures and movements that you use during your work activities, as well as analyzing your body and it’s ability to perform the tasks. Physical Therapists can conduct a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) to assess your physical ability to meet the demands of your job. We may identify risks within your job such as awkward postures and make suggestions for improvement.